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We offer full 360° solutions that help create, improve and maintain the overall security of your system. Whether you are looking at complying with regulatory requirements, solidifying your system by removing vulnerabilities or working up the overall security of your data, we can help you do it right, fast and without spending a fortune. We specialize in configuring, launching, managing, and scaling blockchains.

At Innodeed, we do not believe in standardizing solutions, one size does not fit all. We firmly believe in customizing solutions for specific requirements and strive to deliver only the best quality which brings us repeat clients over and over again.

Blockchain is so much more than just Bitcoin Technology. Wondering where Blockchain can be employed in your business? Well, take a look at its scope.


Secure, non-tamperable e-receipts, transparency, accuracy, integrity assurance of individual records, diminished risk of falsification, and more make Blockchain essential for modern accounting practices

Data Management

With every transaction either done or not done, each user produces huge swaths of data. Companies utilize this data to personalize advertising and brand visibility. But the problem is that most of the advertising is channelled through platforms like Google and Facebook who charge a hefty amount to allow your messages to reach potential customers. More so, since data is centralized on their platform, they have control on the insights it produces and the revenue thus generated. With Blockchain, power of centralized data will be decentralized. Users become in charge of their data and small businesses and local businesses can reach their potential buyers directly. Advertisers will be able to buy data directly from users and have better avail of the marketing-spend and revenue.

Digital payments

Backed by Blockchain, cryptocurrencies (in the form of e-wallets) have started taking over debit and credit cards. The future of digital payments through Blockchain will be more convenient, secure and a lot more flexible.

Human Resources

The problem with Human Resources today is that it has huge swaths of isolated data and an overload of intermediaries. Both recruiters and individual candidates can be victims of pretence and deceit by easily hiding important bits of professional information to influence their profile. Blockchain can help store a candidate’s professional information in on a public ledger accessible by a unique digital ID. All of this information can be made easily accessible to potential employers and vice versa.


More personalised, more relevant and more direct marketing, thanks to Blockchain marketing will be more focused and effective than ever. The bleak labyrinth of intermediate parties and fraud bots that influence and change marketing dynamics will face a significant disruption.


Blockchain helps any business function by essentially eliminating intermediaries and the costs involved due to them. in case of payroll, the intermediaries being banks and financial institutions, forgoing the transfer fee or convenience charge can significantly bring down costs. Especially for companies that pay wages internationally, the international money transfer fee and the time consumed can be all saved.

Supply Chain management

In supply chain management, Blockchain can help reducing costs, spot exact errors, maintain error free line of supply and avoid delays. This significantly saves both, time and costs. Suppliers and vendors could get in the debt of individual variables such as maintenance levels and delivery of the products. The raised extent of data transparency and responsiveness would help bring in efficiency and effectiveness.




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