Artificial intelligence &

Machine Learning

Simplify your environment with the help of most sophisticated technology.

We make information work, convert it to knowledge that has relevant and actionable insights that help you perform better and make more meaningful and connected decisions. We help build intelligence into your workflows and applications. From personalized content to modernizing contact centre, improving safety and security to increasing customer engagement, our AI and ML solutions solve right from the most basic of the problems to the most critical ones. Here’s a glimpse into our AI & ML capabilities:

Chat solutions

Conversational interfaces that power next generation of chat bots and voice assistants.

Industrial production

Hyper converged infrastructure that automatically balances workload of computing systems thereby controlling weigh down.

Medical and healthcare

AI that can help doctors with diagnosis, emergency intervention and early detection of terminal diseases.


Mining out right candidates for the right jobs.

Reducing energy wastage

Predicting energy load and helping judicious use of energy.

Customer Oriented

Understanding usage patterns, contact point interactions and specific preferences to build more accurate profile, thereby personalising content.

Market Trends

Analysing market behaviour, current patterns and predicting trends for merchandising, stocks and various other fields.

Image and Video Analysis

Extracting meaning from catalogues, images, pictures and video files.

Text Analysis

Comprehending unstructured text to get meaningful insights and relationships.

Document processing

Extracting text, comprehension, translation of millions of documents superfast and accurate method.


Employing high quality speech-to-text.


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