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Building new features to allow for rapid product experimentation to power web and mobile applications, implementing features in an efficient way Incrementally adopt an existing Node.js monolith for scalability and very fast growth Deliver within project timelines through diligent planning and attention to detail. Identify and report performance bottlenecks wherever feasible

Candidate Profile

- At least 2-3 years of experience with Node.js frameworks like Express, Koa, Sail, etc.

- Strong problem-solving skills. Good knowledge of data structures and algorithms.

- Solid understanding of design patterns and OOP concepts; familiarity with object-oriented JS (asynchronous code, events loop, etc) is highly preferable

- Strong hands-on exp of relational DBMS concepts with PostgreSQL / other SQL DBs

- Good understanding of the fundamental design principles for a scalable application

- Experience working with apps in a microservices architecture is good to have

- Familiarity with caching solutions like Redis, Memcached, etc

- Knowledge of testing best practices and concepts of test-driven development and experience with unit testing frameworks in any of the major programming languages

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