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Are you passionate about solving Computer Vision Problems using AI or conventional methods, under constrains of processing time & memory usages, and building solutions for all platform mobile devices? Innodeed Systems' Computer Vision Team needs a candidate who can help them in their C++ tasks as per the client's requirements; who would be flexible enough to take the task end-to-end and come up with deliverable solutions. He/she will get to learn all about how to design, implement and test CV solutions for mobile devices, using Android NDK, Android Cmake system, and many other similar methods.

Basic Qualifications

- Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field

- 2-6 years of experience in software development engineering

- Familiar with Unix - basic Unix commands, network commands.

- Good knowledge of CS fundamentals including operating system, data structures, algorithm design, and complexity analysis

- Proficiency in C, C++

Preferred Qualifications

- Experience in Android NDK build or Android CMake build system.

- Experience in cross-compilation of C++ libraries.

- Experience in using Computer Vision libraries like OpenCV on arm architectures.

- Experience in performing the above tasks on AWS/GCP is a plus.

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